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The SSWG team is made up of academics including students and professors, professional practitioners including engineers and software developers from NASA centers and industry, and representatives from commercial software tool vendors.

I am chair of the International Council Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Space Systems Working Group (SSWG) and am leading the development of our CubeSat Reference Model (CRM). We are applying the Model-Based Systems Engineering Methodology (MBSE) and modeling using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML).

The CubeSat Reference Model will be an Object Management Group (OMG) specification and will be made available to universities for classroom and laboratory instruction. It will contain engineering methodology, model elements, and regulations needed to model, develop, launch, deploy, and operate a mission-specific CubeSat

CubeSat Reference Model

The CRM provides the logical architecture. The logical elements are reused as a starting point for a mission specific CubeSat logical architecture, followed by the physical architecture and the CubeSat development.

The team meets weekly via teleconferencing, and the standing meeting is on Friday at 1 P.M. U.S.A. Eastern Standard Time. Meeting materials and links to meeting recordings are in Google Docs. Conference papers are posted on the INCOSE SSWG website.

Contact me to join the SSWG:

Space Systems Working Group

A CubeSat, a type of nanosatellite, is a low-cost standardized satellite with its origin in the CubeSat Project which was established in 1999 by California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Stanford University's Space and Systems Development Laboratory (SSDL). The CubeSat Project was established to enable the university community to design, build, and launch satellites using primarily off-the-shelf components.

The basic CubeSat unit is 10x10x10 centimeters with a mass of about 1.3 kilograms. CubeSat units can be can be joined to form a larger satellite. They are typically launched as secondary payloads or deployed from the International Space Station


High Level Logical Architecture

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